Medical Imaging of Lehigh Valley, P.C. is a private radiology practice with its main location in Allentown, PA. Our primary provision of services has been to Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) and our two freestanding joint venture imaging centers -- Lehigh Valley MRI Center and Lehigh Valley Diagnostic Imaging. Our group has a focus on quality and service which is demonstrated by our continued success in recruiting and maintaining highly skilled sub-specialized radiologists. Our group is sub-specialized in the areas of:

  • Neuroradiology
  • Body and MSK imaging
  • Breast imaging
  • Pediatric imaging
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Interventional radiology
  • Cardiac imaging

Over the years, as Lehigh Valley Hospital has developed its programs and facilities, MILV has adjusted its recruiting efforts and has staffed accordingly to meet the demands of those programs. MILV has been instrumental in developing the following services with Lehigh Valley Health Network and at our joint venture freestanding imaging centers:

  • PET / CT
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Pain Injections (interventional)
  • Cardiac Imaging (CT / CTA)
  • Virtual Colonography (VCT)
  • Endovascular Laser Treatment (EVLT)
  • Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)
  • Dialysis Graft Lysis

Our radiologists have obtained the necessary training and/or we have recruited radiologists with fellowship training for these specific areas of our practice.

Medical Imaging of Lehigh Valley, P.C. ("MILV") is a private radiology practice with its main location in Allentown, PA.  In 1977, we established a private radiology practice known as ASH Radiology Associates, Inc., with seven radiologists providing service for Lehigh Valley Hospital (formerly Allentown and Sacred Heart Hospital).  Our group continued to grow as services expanded at Lehigh Valley Hospital.  In 1993 we merged our practice with Allentown Radiological Association, Inc., and our practice became known as Medical Imaging of Lehigh Valley, P.C.  In 1999, our radiology practice became the provider of radiology services at Lehigh Valley Hospital - Muhlenberg and our group expanded once again.

As the Lehigh Valley market area has developed, and as Lehigh Valley Health Network has become a Level I trauma center and has expanded its specialty service lines and physician network, MILV has also developed its group of radiologists to meet these demands - both in the number of radiologists needed for the volume of work and also in the clinical areas that the hospital has developed over time.  For example, in 2001, our group formed its own Nighthawk program to address the needs of emergency services at LVH.  Today we have a team of six radiologists who provide overnight coverage.

Our group has provided both leadership and clinical expertise in the development of Breast Health Services - an LVH program and the leading provider of women's imaging in the Lehigh Valley.  Our group has also developed a neurointerventional radiology program and we coordinate care with the neurology and neurosurgery programs at LVHN.  MILV continues to be on the cutting edge of technology, implementing a successful cardiac imaging program with coronary artery CTA and cardiac MRI, and we have recently developed a virtual colonoscopy program (VCT). In MRI, we have developed both breast MRI and Functional MRI (fMRI) programs.

In addition, our group has been successful in operating its two joint venture freestanding outpatient imaging centers: Lehigh Valley MRI Center and Lehigh Valley Diagnostic Imaging (LVDI).  Both centers have been providing services for over 20 years, operate multiple locations, offer convenient office hours, service over 1,200 referring physicians and have a focus on patient and referring physician satisfaction.  Both entities have invested in emerging technology and facility improvements offering both 3T MRI (Lehigh Valley MRI Center) and 64 Slice CT (LVDI) and digital imaging.  Lehigh Valley MRI Center is the fourth busiest MRI center in the state and LVDI was the first outpatient center in Lehigh Valley to offer PET / CT.  Both have seen record growth and are considered the leading providers of outpatient imaging in our market area.

Today, MILV is the largest radiology group in eastern Pennsylvania and one of the largest private practice radiology groups in the state.  Our 46 radiologists provide services on over 630,000 exams annually and with our focus on the delivery of quality radiology services, we have become the provider of choice in our area.  This focus on quality and service to our patients, physician community and hospital has allowed our group to recruit radiologists from first rate programs with excellent training and skill sets. Over the past five years, our group has successfully recruited multiple radiologists for the specialty areas of women's imaging, interventional radiology, neuroradiology and musculoskeletal imaging.

Regardless of the size of our group, we continue to focus on quality, service and technology to provide superior service to our patients, clinicians and hospital.

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