Our fully accredited and state of the art breast centers perform over 40,000 procedures per year. We are proud to have the designation as an American College of Radiology Breast Cancer Center of Excellence. Our team of physicians and support staff assures a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to our patients, with the following testing available:

Digital Mammography

Approximately one in eight women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Annual screening mammography has been shown to be the best way to insure early diagnosis. It has also been shown that the earlier the diagnosis, the better the outcomes and survival rates. Our centers, including sites on Cedar Crest Boulevard, 17th and Chew Streets, the Muhlenberg Campus in Bethlehem as well as screening sites in Trexlertown, Moselem Springs, and Bath are 100% digital with state of the art Hologic equipment to perform screening mammograms (for patients with no symptoms) and diagnostic mammograms (for patients with symptoms, personal history of breast cancer, or an abnormal screening mammogram).

Breast Ultrasound

This technique uses high frequency sound waves to further evaluate either abnormalities found on physical examination or on mammography in order to further characterize the clinical finding or imaging abnormality.

Image Guided Minimal Invasive Biopsies

Did you know that most breast biopsies are performed these days under imaging guidance? This means that the radiologist can monitor the position of the needle and the lesion during the procedure, greatly limiting the possibility of a false negative biopsy. Our radiologists have performed hundreds of biopsies under ultrasound guidance or stereotactic / mammographic or MRI guidance. Results are generally available three days following the biopsy and are personally discussed with the patient by one of our radiologists.

Breast MRI

Breast MRI is a very useful tool for staging recently diagnosed breast cancers, to screen high risk women in addition to annual mammography, as well as several other approved indications. It has been shown that, because of the added information obtained by the MRI, in cases of newly diagnosed cancers, at least 25% of women will have their treatment altered. This includes 3%-5% of women with newly diagnosed breast cancer who, on MRI only, are shown to have an otherwise unrecognized cancer on the opposite side!
Our team approach includes nurse navigators who work with every patient who has an abnormal mammogram through completion of any treatments.